About Us

Have you ever asked yourself

  • Why is my energy bill so high?
  • What would it cost me to decrease my carbon footprint?
  • Would solar energy save me money?

You're asking the right questions! 

3D Solar is a Florida-based company, currently installing photo-voltaic systems (PV), and foam insulation, throughout the state.  After years of working in the retail market, 3D Solar quickly realized that the Tampa Bay area needed help with solar installations. Our success in Tampa prompted us to grow and help areas all across the state of Florida. Our team needs every member to make sure the machine runs smoothly. Our professionals can handle projects of any size, commercial or residential. The team eagerly answers to any challenge with an emphasis on quality.

Much like residential, we realize the importance of Solar at commercial sites as well; our ability to offer salability and visibility gives us a competitive advantage in this sector.  We are committed to creating lasting, profitable partnerships of any size.

The 3D Solar Mission is to provide our clients access to diverse energy alternatives to stay relevant in our future's energy conscious world.

"The fact we have received this award two consecutive years is a direct reflection of our culture here at 3D Solar.  Everyone here shares the same vision and we all strive to be the highest rated solar company in Florida," states David Ringo, founder and CEO of 3D Solar.  "I know it's an overused cliché but, we really do treat our clients like family".

3D Solar is a licensed and insured Florida State certified solar contractor.  We sell, install, and service all types of solar energy systems in Florida, including photovoltaic panels.  Our goal is to help residents in the area to make their homes more energy efficient and, in doing so, drastically reduce their monthly power bills and carbon footprints.

Establishing 3D Solar in 2013, David Ringo used his extensive experience in the solar energy industry to create a company that utilizes the highest level of craftsmanship to give customers a solar energy product that is engineered to perform and built to last. 3D Solar takes pride in being the most skilled solar technicians in the area, and we would be delighted to put those skills to good use for you.

Our Team


David Ringo, CEO & Founder

Travis McIntire, Sales Manager

Deadra Irvine, Controller

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